Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Car Insurance In India? Is it a painful process?

With the beginning of privatisation in India, The government decided to let global companies enter the market to serve the huge indian population with services that are upto global standards. This paved way for global insurance companies to operate in India, but certainly with a lot of restrictions.

Today there are big names out in the market that do Insurance for you and the service they offer are matchless to the old insurance companies that we have heard of in the past.

Online Insurance Made Easy Now! the leader in the online automobile market takes leadership and has started to allow customers to apply for online Insurance. Usually an applicant will receive a verification call from the call centre to verify your details. And thats pretty much it, Within a couple of days you can expect your certificate.

By allowing customers to have this kind of a feature is positioning itself ahead of the other players in the market and is trying to provide a single online resource for everything related to automobiles.

You can apply for online car insurance here at Apply Insurance

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