Monday, July 25, 2011

Ford to drop CD players

Ford has announced that it will drop CD players from its cars altogether because of slumping CD sales and the rise of digital media.

CD sales fell 35 percent in the UK between 2006 and 2010, while the number of album sales increased 700 percent in the same period. CD singles have almost vanished entirely, as 98 percent of singles are now downloaded.

Ford, therefore, sees the CD going the same way as the cassette, and has said it will hasten a move to a digital systems in all its cars: both hard drives and iPod connectivity.

The Ford Focus is no longer available with a CD changer - once an extremely popular and sought after option - and all models come with a USB port, Bluetooth and a DAB digital radio. Ford was the first manufacturer to offer a DAB radio in a car as an accessory, it claims.

"[We] will obviously continue to offer CD players while there is demand," said Ford's Ralf Brosig, "However, over time we expect customer preferences will lead us quickly into an all-digital approach to in-car audio entertainment."

Sheryl Connelly, Ford's Global Trends and Futuring Manager, added: "The in-car CD player - much like pay telephones - is destined to fade away in the face of exciting new technology."

In 2012 Ford will release Ford SYNC in the Focus, which will allow drivers to play music stored in an online 'Cloud' in their cars.

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